There are hundreds of different types of drugs that have been banned, but people still abuse them. However, they can all be divided into the following categories; opiates, barbiturates, steroids, methamphetamine, and many others. When you have used any of these drugs, you can expect to fail a drug test. If your employer requires you to stay drug-free for the duration of your employment, failing a drug test means that you will have to be fired. In sports, failing a drug test can lead to a lifetime ban. Most athletes, however, are usually banned for several years, fined and forced to pay back all the prize monies they won while competing under the influence of drugs.

Drug Testing Techniques

When you have been exposed to drugs, you have to figure out ways to pass the drug test to ensure you do not suffer these harsh consequences. You can start by buying a detox product and detoxifying your body. The detox program will help to flush out all traces of the drug from your body. The following are some common drug testing techniques:

i) Urine Testing

Testing of urine is perhaps the most common drug testing technique. When drugs get into your body, the liver will break down the drug into toxins. When a test is done on your urine for these toxins, it can be easily seen that you have recently used the banned substance. However, urine drug testing is not effective in showing drugs that a person used a few weeks or months ago.

ii) Blood Drug Testing

Any foreign substance you introduce into your body can easily be seen in a blood drug test. Once a blood sample has been obtained, and testing is done, all the drugs and respective toxins that may be in your body can be clearly seen.

iii) Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Hair follicles usually absorb drugs and toxins as they grow. The longer your hair, the longer the history of drug use. To pass a drug test, or at least hide part of your history of drug use, consider trimming your hair. There are hair follicle purification shampoos that can help wash off all the traces of drugs from your hair. By cutting your hair and washing your hair with a hair purification shampoo, you will be able to pass a hair follicle drug test.

iv) Saliva Drug Testing

Saliva can also betray your history of drug use. Therefore, you should go into a full body detox program to flush out all the toxins in your body before you go for testing.

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