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It is necessary to carry out drug tests before employing any person. Just the information that all job applicants have to undergo the drug tests is sufficient to discourage the drug users from applying for the job. It helps to avoid hiring employees who can be a risk at the workplace. Drug users can be filtered out not only when applying for the jobs; they can also be removed from the job if already employed. It prevents safety risks at the workplace where employees are tasked to handle critical operations. A drug testing program should be a regular feature at the workplace. It prevents employing drug users and helps keep the workplace safe for everyone.

It is well established that the use of drugs among employees decreases substantially in companies that regularly carry out tests for drug use. Both pre-employment and random tests are needed by a company. A pre-employment test is a proactive approach to prevent employing drug users. A random or spot test is needed to find drug users among the present staff. Its purpose is to find the employees who may have passed the drug tests during the selection process. They may have used some techniques to avoid drug use detection. Some employees who were not drug users at the time of joining the company may have started taking these substances later. A random drug test helps to identify such employees. They can be removed from the job or given an option to undergo drug rehabilitation and recover.

Employees are tested for the drugs even after an accident. Post-accident testing confirms if an employee involved in the accident was under the influence of any drug. It is well known that drugs impair the judgment and physical abilities of a person. Post-accident drug testing must be performed quickly after the accident. Required bio-samples should be collected immediately within the specified hours as per the drug testing guidelines and other legal requirements. This type of test is mandatory at some workplaces after an accident.

Periodic tests are scheduled at certain intervals throughout the year. Current employees are required to undergo this type of scheduled tests. It is a reasonable suspicion test recommended by the supervisor when an employee is suspected to have taken the drugs. It requires an experienced person to identify a drug user just from observation. The employer may have rules and regulations for reasonable suspicion testing. It means its supervisors and managers have the right to force an employee to undergo a drug test if there is reasonable suspicion of drug use by that person. Supervisors identify suspects by noticing abnormal or erratic behavior. They find evidence of drugs at the workplace. An employee showing signs of confusion or disorientation may have taken drugs. Such individuals cannot be trusted to handle critical tasks related to the machinery, equipment, appliances, and vehicles. Corporate drug testing solutions are available to test all such employees and job applicants.

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